Learning Spanish...
made simple!

Mas Spanish is a video-based curriculum broken into 12 units designed to be light on parental involvement and convenient to learn from anywhere.

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Why Learn Spanish?

  • Did you know - Spanish is the 4th most spoken language in the world with nearly half a billion Spanish (~450 million) speakers in the world.
  • According to recent studies - Being bilingual keeps your brain sharp and has a variety of health benefits – from slowing the effects of dementia to increasing cognitive function. With roughly 60 percent of the world speaking more than one language, learning a second language allows you to communicate with many more people.
  • It's good for your wallet! People who are bilingual enjoy better job security and increased upward mobility in their profession.

Why Choose Mas Spanish?

It's EASY!

We don’t send you a book or some audio files and hope you learn it. We leverage video instruction technology and the latest online learning games to make learning Spanish easy.

We Teach YOU!

We don't expect you to teach yourself. We guide you through each presentation worksheet so you’re not wondering about pronunciations, answers, or comprehension.

It's BUDGET Friendly!

Our Mas Spanish program is budget friendly so it won't cost you a fortune. Mas Spanish is the next best thing to having a private Spanish tutor but for a fraction of the cost.

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Why You'll Love this Curriculum!

It’s Easy to follow

Mas Spanish is easy to follow. At Mas Spanish we place each lesson, work sheet, answer key, etc. in numerical order so you can just click the next number to move on to the next task.

It's comprehensive

Don't just learn phrases. Learn Spanish from the ground up. You'll start with learning the alphabet, numbers, and basic greetings, but quickly move on to verb conjugation, sentence structure, and more.

It’s convenient

Mas Spanish is accessible anywhere that you have an internet connection, and our lessons make learning Spanish a virtual experience. No books to tote around if you’re traveling within your school cycle.

It’s adaptable

Mas Spanish is perfect for one student or a full homeschool cohort. It's light on the parent or instructor and designed so a student can handle learning Spanish on their own by following the curriculum path.

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What Others Are Saying...

"Not only did Mas Spanish introduce me to the Spanish language, but it helped me fall in love with the many cultures surrounding it.  Six years later, I've found some of my greatest friends in native Spanish-speakers, learned so much about Hispanic cultures, had the opportunity to be a translator, and even graduated with a Spanish minor--all because I decided to take this course!  Learning Spanish has truly changed my life for the better!!"

~ Grace D.

"After taking this course, I can genuinely attest that Katie is the most relational, loving, and eccentric teacher. In addition to her uplifting attributes, she established in me a remarkably sufficient foundation of the Spanish language. I spent a week in Merida, Mexico, whilst not even having completed the course, and was still able to comprehend the dialect and understand what the people of Merida and Homún were saying. I highly recommend this course!

~ Jack J.

"I used Mas Spanish with my middle school son. I loved that I had the ability to sit back and watch my son learn without me having to teach him a language that I didn't know.

~ Kaitlin O.

"Katie, through this course, taught me Spanish. She was great! I tested out of nine hours of college Spanish because of the knowledge I gleaned from the Mas Spanish course."

~ Mary Lauren B.

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