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Mas Spanish is learning Spanish... made simple. Built with the student in mind, it TEACHES you Spanish - it doesn't simply give you a curriculum to follow.

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Hi, I'm Katie Beville.

If you feel like no matter how hard you try, you won't be able to learn a new language, you're not alone.

Despite more and more resources out there, studies show that 80% of students still feel like they can't learn a new language. With a staggering majority of the population feeling the same way, it can only mean one thing. We need a simpler, more effective program.

This course will help you do just that. With video taught lessons, it’s like having a private tutor on-demand. We even have videos to go over our worksheets, so you’re not left with just some answer keys and no explanation. 

Because you are so worth it!

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Unit #1

We teach the Spanish alphabet and cover basic conversation skills and useful phrases to get the learner speaking Spanish on Day 1.

Unit #2

We dive into counting, days of the week, and months of the year in this unit.

Unit #3

Everything in Spanish matches…understand why that is in this unit of adjective agreement, subject pronouns, and articles.

Unit #4

Using the knowledge acquired from the agreement lesson, we begin to discuss descriptions of people and things and the conjugation of the verb SER.

Unit #5

SER and ESTAR both mean “to be”. The learner will understand the difference between the two verbs in this unit as well as emotion vocabulary words.

Unit #6

Expect your student to begin to call you by your title in Spanish after this unit. We focus on family vocabulary words and the verb TENER, which means “to have”.

Unit #7

After learning several irregular verbs, we move on to regular present tense verbs. Grammar is the focus during this unit.

Unit #8

Get ready to order food in Spanish during the learning of this unit. Your student may also ask to make a special salsa recipe…

Unit #9

Colors and clothes are covered in this unit. We also continue practicing the conjugation of regular present tense verbs.

Unit #10

Goal! This unit discusses how to say “I like sports” or “I don’t like sports”, whichever is true for your student. We cover the irregular verb JUGAR as well as sports terms.

Unit #11

Better safe than sorry…this unit covers body part vocabulary words and how to say they are hurt.  Just in case!

Unit #12

Did you know that animals make different sounds in Spanish? Learn the Spanish translations for animals as well as the sounds they make in this unit.

Is This Course Right for You?

Are you wanting to teach your homeschooler Spanish but don’t have the time to learn Spanish yourself? Mas Spanish is perfect for you!

Mas Spanish’s curriculum is designed for middle to high school age learners. Our courses are built to require very little parental or instructor involvement, which works better for learners who are comfortable guiding themselves through the material.

All you’ll need is access to the internet and a computer to begin enjoying our instructional videos and our downloadable content. We also give links to online activities and videos to keep variety in the learning pathways.

Let's Do This!

How Is This Course Different?

Mas Spanish gives you an experienced Spanish teacher who loves to teach Spanish. Many foreign language curriculums require group learning or place the teaching burden upon the homeschool instructor. Not only does Mas Spanish handle the teaching, we also ensure that your learner understands the material as we walk them through each worksheet, assignment, and activity.

Mas Spanish uses a variety of techniques to teach the Spanish language. Each homeschooler will learn vocabulary words, phrases, and verb conjugations. By not just teaching phrases in Spanish, your learner will have a deeper understanding of the Spanish language that will allow them to communicate much more effectively with native speakers.

Our curriculum is the closet thing you can get to hiring a private tutor, but at a fraction of the cost. Learn Spanish from a twenty year teaching veteran that has loved teaching Spanish to thousands of kids across all platforms: virtual, one-on-one, high school and college classrooms, and small group settings. We know if you try Mas Spanish, you’ll love it….

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Let's Do This!

What Others Are Saying...

"Not only did Mas Spanish introduce me to the Spanish language, but it helped me fall in love with the many cultures surrounding it.  Six years later, I've found some of my greatest friends in native Spanish-speakers, learned so much about Hispanic cultures, had the opportunity to be a translator, and even graduated with a Spanish minor--all because I decided to take this course!  Learning Spanish has truly changed my life for the better!!"

~ Grace D.

"After taking this course, I can genuinely attest that Katie is the most relational, loving, and eccentric teacher. In addition to her uplifting attributes, she established in me a remarkably sufficient foundation of the Spanish language. I spent a week in Merida, Mexico, whilst not even having completed the course, and was still able to comprehend the dialect and understand what the people of Merida and Homún were saying. I highly recommend this course!

~ Jack J.

"I used Mas Spanish with my middle school son. I loved that I had the ability to sit back and watch my son learn without me having to teach him a language that I didn't know.

~ Kaitlin O.

"Katie, through this course, taught me Spanish. She was great! I tested out of nine hours of college Spanish because of the knowledge I gleaned from the Mas Spanish course."

~ Mary Lauren B.

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